Therm-ic has a long history, which began with the invention of heating systems for ski boots. Building on the developments and patented technologies of the last 20 years, our range of products now includes a variety of high-quality solutions in the field of portable heating systems, which are proved to provide warmth.

Therm-ic’s products have a variety of benefits, from enhancing human well-being, to significantly increasing an athlete’s performance. Moreover, they have a preventive effect as they reduce the risk of injury. Especially when participating in outdoor winter activities, extreme cold and extreme weather conditions can cause severe discomfort. In the worst case, these extreme circumstances may lead to injuries, frostbites, or cold-related diseases. Our mission is to develop technologies for portable and easy-to-handle heating systems in order to protect the entire body.

The product range includes heatable gloves, soles, socks, as well as drying and refreshing systems for the daily shoe care. New are non-electronic warming solutions for everyday life, based on long-term research in insulation and natural heat development. Thus, Therm-ic, the inventor of heating systems for ski boots has now become the warmth specialist for winter sports enthusiasts and everyone who loves the cold season!


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